FB Event Export Fixer

Description: Facebook has a nice feature of being able to export your upcoming events, but there aren’t any options when exporting. This app helps solve that issue in 3 easy steps.

  1. Copy and paste the Facebook Event Export URL into the FB Events URL input below
  2. Select from the various export options
  3. Import the calendar using the new iCal URL

Useful Resources:

  • ZeroClipboard – JS library to provide “click to copy” feature
  • iCalCreator – PHP library for working with iCal  content


  • Option to exclude exporting events that you have not replied or have replied as “Going” or “Maybe”.
  • Link to automatically import the iCal to Google Calendar.

To do:


  • Initial release of FB Event Export Fixer
  • Add link to import to Google Calendar
  • Change Exclude to Include to improve usability
  • Add input validation



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