No-Stir Coffee

I’ve been working at Novacoast here for a month or two now and getting coffee has been a essential part of work. Because I’m so lazy, I didn’t want to have to wash an additional spoon just because I used it to mix coffee (of course this doesn’t apply if your workplace has those disposable coffee stirrers). In order to remedy this,

  1. Add the preferred amount of sugar (Note: if you need a lot of sugar with your coffee, this method might not work well because the coffee won’t mix as well. Do also keep in mind the more sugar you add, the more hyped up on it you will be and the more likely you will have a sugar crash)
  2. Add the preferred amount of creamer (those liquid flavored Coffee-mate creamers work the best!)
  3. Pour in the coffee. Here’s the important part. Pour it in quick so the flow of the coffee will mix the coffee, creamer, and sugar.
Now, like I said before, this works best with the liquid flavored Coffee-mate creamers. I also find there’s no need for sugar with those creamers because they’re sweet enough. Anyways, try it out and let me know how it goes! Have a great day!

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